About Us

There’s always created to inspired and embrace the wearer. Founded for young brand, keep the look fresh, positive and minimal with a beautiful style. At the same time vibrant and playful. This brand definitely makes every girl in love to staying fashionable without compromising modesty. Padieka Raccolta empowered girls can be all things she wants – sweet, modern and covered. It comes to reflect your best personal style and comfortable all day long.

In March 2017, Padieka has been given new impetus by highlighting special clothes for breastfeeding mommies. Perfect for style-conscious women who love fashion at the same time can breast-feeding her baby without no hassle. Our first collection was 'Ummi Blouse' with 7 choice of color!

Our mission are to be  your No 1 for moms and kids . Shopping Paradise thats supply everything mom and babies want!

Do look further at Padieka that bring you a high quality outfits for mom and kids. Get an eye-catching for yourself with effortless price. How we know? Because we're moms too! ;)

Founded in 2010, Padieka.com also known as Padieka Raccolta with company registration (SSM - 001939728-M) GST Account Number (001991168000)